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A PBX (private branch exchange) system is the hardware that controls the phone lines and extensions of a company. The PBX system exchanges calls between the internal phone extensions within your office as well as manages the inbound and outbound calls. The PBX routes incoming calls to the relevant extension and creates access to the shared outside telephone lines for outbound calls.

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PABX Solutions


A PBX phone system is traditionally used by medium to large sized businesses and corporations to reduce phone costs and increase call management. Regardless of business size a PBX also gives a professional sound to callers.

Additionally, a PBX system gives businesses more robust call features than a standard telephone service would, such as:

  • Increase collaboration among employees, partners, and contractors by centralizing Windows applications and data so everyone can work with the same information
  • The ability to transfer calls between extensions/employeesEasy and cost-effective to update applications at all branch offices
  • Measure performance and availability from users’ perspectives, wherever they’re working and without leaving the office
  • Optimizing broadband connections between branch offices without modifying network components Reducing cost of operation by reducing server workload
  • Centralize data security with policy-driven access to applications, giving IT control over data
  • Virtualized browsers for fast action and high productivity
  • Meet special requirements for browser security, beyond the reach of hackers and close to IT security expertise
  • Reduce data security risks when delivering Windows desktops and retain control of the IP (reducing the security risk of data loss)
  • Deliver desktop applications without application and system conflicts or lowering security standards
  • Quickly distribute patches for Windows applications to hundreds of servers and thousands of clients
  • Instant application availability by creating new user accounts to give new employees, partners and contractors access to all Windows applications
  • Strengthen security for Windows application delivery with secure logons, delivered via the Single Sign-On option